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Sometime Something about Nothing
 Performance Art by Ashim Halder Sagor as the part of National Performance Art Festival 2017 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. 


4th Jaipur Art Summit 2016, Jaipur, India

Moving Roots
Ashim Halder Sagor's 3rd solo ceramic sculpture exhibition 2016 at Gallery Twenty One
Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/807078946089893


                                                        Existence in the Nature- 3, Crystalline Glaze, 27'' x 14'' x 14'', 2016 by Ashim Halder Sagor

                                                                                     Crystalline Ceramic Vase, 26'' x 8'' x 8'', 2016 by Ashim Halder Sagor

Existence of Identity - Performance Art 2015 by Ashim Halder Sagor at International Art Biennale Cox's Bazar 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Desire against the Climate Threat, Installation Art by Ashim Halder Sagor with fiberglass self portrait, water and sand at Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh

''Be Smart About Art'' group art exhibition
@ the Athena Gallery of Fine Arts on 6pm, 2 December 2014

Mother and Child -1, Raku Sculpture, 17'' x 14'' x 9'', 2014                   Catharsis -3, 4, Raku Raku Sculpture, 15'' x 8'' x 8'', 2014 

Installation Art, Sides pacific Installation Art
with found object in Bangladesh by Ashim Halder Sagor

                                                           Project -Make a Forest                                       It doesn't Move -2, Installation

Untitled, Performance Art
at Sonarpur village in Chatak, Bangladesh
Photography by Munem Wasif, Shimul Saha, Pulak Das


Artist Ashim Halder Sagor's Art World

Raku Sculpture


Creative Teapot

Video Art

Performance Art

Found object in Bangladesh